Script Devices & Running Gags

  1. British dialects throughout…with brief reversal at end of play.
  2. Warp speed scene reenactment.
  3. Character / costume swaps throughout…with mistaken identities.
  4. Butler constantly inebriated from drinking “hair tonic.”
  5. Little Lord Bartholomew constantly being “sent to his room.”
  6. Continuous search for Mrs. Pritchie’s “baby potty.”
  7. Ongoing illicit affair between Lady Mountbatten and Inspector Crime.
  8. Repetitious eerie mood-setting music throughout.
  9. Constant background appearances of the “Singing-Dancing Pods.”
  10. Gradual (subtle) appearance of more and more”Pods” scattered about set.

Most importantly, “The Pod” is the real STAR of the show!

All action, reactions and motivations center around “The Pod.”

(Who never moves or speaks…until very end of play.)